Donald Smith, 23 South Bragar

Private Donald Smith, Seaforth Highlanders, previously notified as missing on 3 May 1917 is now notified by his chaplain as believed to have been killed on that date. In a very sympathetic letter, the chaplain informed his father that the suspense was caused by Donald's comrades being seriously engaged for 10 days. On their return to rest, they had with them among other identifications of fallen comrades, Donald's paybook. This, the chaplain explains, may be taken as conclusive proof that Donald has fallen in action. He had seen much action, have been in France almost continuously since November 1914, and up to 3 May (1917) had come through it all without a scratch. He was a pleasant a companion as one would meet, in fact, his friends called him Smiles on account of his ever-present smile. We deeply sympathise with his father and mother, who have 3 other sons in services on land and sea.

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