Dugald Macleod, 13 Calbost

On Saturday 29 September (1917), a gallant soldier, Corpl. Dugald Macleod, late of the Gordons and son of Alex Macleod, 13 Calbost, passed away. The outbreak of war found Dugald ready, and he went to France in 1914. For a time he was in the thick of the fighting and had some wonderful excapes. Then he was wounded in the shoulder, and after a short spell of hospital life and a brief visit to the home folks, he returned to the front. Again he was wounded and once more he was sent home, being finally discharged. His second wound was more serious, and for a time he made good progress, but lung trouble set in and now he has gone to Peace. A young man of no mean ability, upright in every department of life, dutiful in his family solutions, gentle and kindly among his friends, mates and acquaintances, his loss will be long mourned by a wide circle of admirers. May his memory long remain green. His father and mother, well-known residents in Calbost, have our sincere sympathy in the bereavement.

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