Duncan Macdonald, Scaliscro

This man is also referred to under Gress and Ath Linne

Gallant Seaforth Killed
Mr and Mrs Murdo Macdonald, Scaliscro, have received official notification of the death of their only son, Pte Duncan Macdonald, Seaforths, who was killed in France on 11th April last.Theh Seaforth Chaplain in a letter to Mr Macdonald says: "Yesterday there was sent to the Battalion a parcel of deceased soldier's effects. I went through them today, and I found your son's paybook amongst them. He must have been killed on 11th April. The ground where he fell has recently been won from the enemy. His body has been found and buried. We do not yet know which troops have found and buried our dead, nor do we know exactly where their graves are, but it must be somewhere just to the front of Fampoux, to the east of Arras. This is very sad news for you, but it at least takes away the agony of suspense if it also takes away all hope of seeing your son again in life, and so increases your grief. The officers and men of the Battalion wish me to convey to you their regard for their fallen comrade, and thier deep sympathy with all his sorrowing relatives".
Pte Macdonald was 20 years of age enlisted in September 1916 and was sent to France in December. He was a particularly fine lad and a prime favourite with all his contemporaries. The deepest sympathy is felt for his surviving parents who have lost an affectionate and dutiful son.

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