Duncan Macleod, Lewis Street, Stornoway

A wave of deep and sincere regret passed through the community on Sunday forenoon [8 July 1917] when it became known that news had been received of the death of Corpl. DUncan Macleod, Canadian Scottish, only son of Mr and Mrs George Macleod, Creagleor, Lewis Street. Corpl. Macleod, who was 29 years of age, served his apprenticeship in the National Bank, Stornoway, and emigrated twelve years ago to Canada, where he held an appointment in the Union Bank, Calgary, Alberta. The outbreak of war found him ready and eager to serve, and on 24th August 1914, he enrolled in the Canadian Scottish for service overseas. Arriving in this country with the Second Canadian Contingent, just after the first contingent had been badly cut up at Hill 60, he was immediately drafted to France, without getting an opportunity of visiting Stornoway. He was twice wounded, the second time severely, and on being discharged from hospital in July 1916, he was in Stornoway for a short time. The boy who left his home twelve years before had in the interval blossomed into manhood - and came back to his family a fine, well-setup, gallant soldier - a son of whom any parents might well feel proud. Writing to his father, Lieut. C. R. Dunsford says:
"Nothing I can say may change the loss you have had into anything different. All I hope to do is to convey to you the sorrow of myself and brother soldiers at "Mac"'s death. I was his platoon officer for two months back, and I thought of him as a good pal more than an officer and a soldier, and I am thankful to say that I held his hand and his head for part of his last hour. He was a favourite with all of us and a friend to every man, and for us he gave his life. In Heaven's name, what more beautiful end can a man have? I would like to think you find consolation in knowing that no finer man nor better British soldier belonged to the 16th Canadian Scottish".
The truest sympathy of the community goes out to the parents and sisters in their sore bereavement and irrepairable loss.

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