Malcolm Mackenzie, 1 Aird Uig

Seaforth killed
Official intimation has been received that Pte Malcolm Mackenzie, formerly of Aird Uig and latterly residing in Glasgow, was killed in France on 14th March. He leaves a widow and two children, for whom, as well as for the other relatives, much sympathy is felt. The Corporal of Pte Mackenzie’s platoon, writing the widow, says: “Malcolm, another man and I went to the headquarters to draw rations, and while there, a shell came over, killing Malcolm and wounding four others. He fell at my feet with a piece of shell in the neck. He put out his hand to me and I took it and said good-bye. Your husband was a brave, good, honest and willing and good-hearted man, and through his death I have lost a good friend and the best and bravest man in my team. Poor old ‘Mac’, as we used to call him, had only one wish, and that was to get at the Germans in the open with rifle and bayonet. He died five minutes after he was hit”.

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