Murdo Maciver, 8 Portnaguran

Soldier's tragic death
Mr John Maciver, 8 Portnaguran, has been informed by the Director of Base Records, New Zealand, that his son, Pte Murdo Maciver, died from asphyxiation at Thorndon Quay, Wellington NZ, on 15th Nov. 1916. The circumstances surrounding his death are as follows.
Pte Maciver had been stopping at a house in Thorndon Quay. On the day of his death, the house was fumigated and closed up for some hours, everyone being out of the house. Your son, evidently not knowing that the process of fumigation was going on, entered the house and became asphyxiated. He was buried in the Karori Cemetery, Wellington, with military honours. The Presbyterian Chaplain from camp officiated at the graveside. I desire to express my sincere sympathy with you in the loss of your son under such tragic circumstances
The deceased, who was over 30 years of age, left home over nine years ago and served in the Glasgow Police Force for one year. Leaving the force, he joined the mercantile marine and for three years traded between Britain and New Zealand. Thereafter he served as engine-driver in the Fire Brigade at Auckland. His next venture was to acquire several motorcars, doing business in touring the country with visitors. He continued in this business until June last year, when he enlisted in the New Zealand Expeditionary Force. Three of his brothers are in the Navy.

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