Neil Macdonald, 21 Ballantrushal

It is with deep regret that it was learned here last Friday (19 October 1917) that Neil Macdonald RNR, son of Angus Macdonald, 21 Ballantrushal, had lost his life at sea when his ship, the "Arabas", was lost on 16th September. Before being sent to sea as a gunner on a merchantman, Neil underwent a course of training in the gunnery school. Deceased was of a kindly disposition and spright character, a most dutiful son, and a general favourite with all his acquaintances. He will be greatly missed by a wide circle of friends. The sad intelligence was conveyed in a letter from Custom House, stating that Neil was missing from among the survivors of his veessel. This is the second severe blow that has fallen on Mr and Mrs Macdonald through the war, their son Angus having been killed in France last April. The youngest - and now only remaining - son is on patrol duty. Much sympathy is felt for Mr and Mrs Macdonald and other relatives, and the whole community mourns with them in their irrepairable loss.

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