Murdo Macaulay, 16 Shader, Point

Mr John Macaulay, 16 Shader, Point, has received official notice that his son, Pte Murdo Macaulay, Canadians, was killed in action on 11th November 1917. The deceased soldier, who was 29 years of age, emigrated to Canada six years ago, arrived in Britain in August 1916, and two months later crossed in France. What adds to his parents' distress is the fact that a few days before his death, he had received a pass for home, but owing to an official mistake it had to be returned to headquarters for correction. In the interval the fatal engagement took place. His brother Donald is serving with the Naval forces. The deep sympathy of the whole community goes out to the bereaved parents, who have lost a most dutiful son. His cousin, Malcolm Macaulay, Canadians, writing the bereaved parents, says: "It grieves me beyond expression to have to write you concerning my dear cousin, your son Murdo. No doubt by this time you have been notified by the War Office that he was killed in action on the 11th November. As soon as I heard the sad news I made my way to the vicinity and found that he and three of his comrades had unfortunately been killed by shrapnel. I, along with some other comrades, buried them with full honours, thus rendering our last assistence on earth. He was dearly loved by all that knew him and his death is regretted by all in his company. He was always mentioned as cool and courageous to face the foe. I know, dear aunt, that this is a terrible blow, and anything I can say or do will seem as a drop in the bucket during this, your time of sorrow. I can only commend you to Him who healeth all wounded hearts and strengthens us to bear with our burdens. We believe that we are fighting for a just cause. Therefore we claim the blessed promise. "He that loseth his life for My sake shall find it".

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