Norman Macinnes, 6 Tong

A Gallant Soldier's Death
9 November 1917

The sad news was received in Tong on Tuesday 23rd October that QMS Norman Macinnes, 17th SR, formerly of the Seaforths, son of Mr Donald Macinnes, 6 Tong, had died that morning in Stobhill Hospital, Glasgow. The aged father, 75 years, having received a wire on the previous day, stating that his son was seriously ill, obtained a passage by the patrol boat to Kyle and a travelling warrant to Glasgow, through the courtesy of the Admiral at Stornoway and Supt. Alexander respectively, but arrived in Glasgow too late to see his son alive. Though never in Glasgow before, and with a limited supply of English, Mr Macinnes found himself among true friends and desires to place on record his great appreciation of the kindness shown to him by all who made his path eeasier for him - the gentleman who met him at the railway station, Glasgow; nurses Colvin and Baxter (the latter at one time in Stornoway Hospital) and the Doctor at Stobhill; and the Rev. Peter Macdonald UFC, who acted as interpreter and who visited the deceased soldier on several occasions.

The late QMS Macinnes joined the Seaforths twenty years ago and served in West Africa for some years, and took part in the South African War, when he was mentioned for his gallantry in carrying a wounded officer a considerable distance under heavy fire. On the outbreak of war in 1914, he was stationed at Cromarty, and was engaged there as Drill Instructor, butr some time ago he was transferred to the 17th Scottish Rifles. On 3rd October, he was admitted to Stobhill Hospital suffering from ague - a disease he had contracted while in West Africa - and passed away, having done his share for his country, on Tuesday 23 October, aged 39 years. The remains, which arrived by mail steamer on Thursday 25th October, were carried by a picket of soldiers, under Major Bain, Military Representative, to a motorcar kindly supplied by the Red Cross and conveyed to Tong where the funeral took place at Gress Cemetery the following day. Our sincere sympathy goes out to the father, mother, brother and sisters of the deceased soldier.

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