Angus Macdonald, Islivig

Mrs Macdonald, UF Mission House, Gravir, received the sad intelligence on Thursday, 21st February 1918, that her brother Angus died of wounds in France on 4 December 1917. Angus left home in Islivig, Uig, at the age of 18½ years and went to the United States, where he served his apprenticeship to the granite monumental trade in Montpiller, Vermont. Shortly afterwards het set up business for himself in South Dakota with good success. However, through a desire to join his senior brother who was in New Zealand, he sold out and went there in 1915. He came under the Ballot there in 1917 and landed in France about the middle of October; was wounded on 1st December, and after undergoing an operation died on the 4th. He was a cheerful and sincere Christian young man, ever  since his conversion, which happened after going to the United States, until he ended his short span of 28 years.

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