Duncan Graham, 5 Newvalley

Mr Donald Graham, 5 New Valley, received official intimation that his son, Lance-Corporal Duncan Graham, of the Canadian Infantry, had fallen in action. The sad news was conveyed in a letter from his platoon commander, who wrote:
"I shall hope that this is not the first word that you receive of your son's fall in action. I cannot hope to break it gently if you have not heard officially. Keenly as we feel him loss here in his company and platoon, we realise the awfulness of the blow that must fall on his parents and yet that blow may be somewhat lessened by pride in his bearing and gallantry in the face of the enemy. As his platoon commander, I have recommended him for exceptionally good work in an affair in which he lost his life. Our company had the honour to be in the front line of this big offensive. Shortly after the kick-off, Lance-Cpl Graham and two of his section encountered a strong post. Your son decided immediately on rushing the position, which they did, with the result that three machine guns, which might have done great damage to our force, were captured and the garrison wiped out. It was here your son lost his life, and in doing so saved a great many others. Had he lived, htere is no doubt he would have received a decoration, but they are so seldom given posthumously that you will probabloy only have the knowledge that he earned it. During my short command of 14 Platoon, I have looked on your son as a man on whom I could always depend at a pinch, and he has certainly warranted that opinion. I can only offer my deepest sympathy, and that of his comrades in your great sorrow and assur eyou he will be always remembered by those who knew him."
The deceased soldier who was 32 years of age, went to Canada 14 years ago and joined up voluntarily in 1915. He was home last winter recovering from the effects of wounds received in action. In his death, King and country have lost a gallant and fearless soldier; his parents have lost a kind, loving and dutiful son. In their sorrow, they have the sincere sympathy of the entire community.

30 August 1918

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