John Mackay, 6 Achmore

Mr Neil Mackay, 6 Achmore, has been officially notified that his eldest son, Pte John Mackay, Canadians, was killed in action on 26 August 1918. He was for 6 years in Vancouver prior to the outbreak of war. He came across in 1915 and had been 2½ years in the fighting line in France without a scratch, until the day he was killed. A chum from North Tolsta, in a letter to Mr Mackay, mentions he was killed by a shell along with two others. They were in a hot engagement at the time and had to be buried where they lay. That spot is now however far behind the fighting line. Mr Mackay's second son is fighting in France with the South African Scottish and his two younger boys are serving in the RNR. Much sympathy is extended to the bereaved family.

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