Kenneth Macaulay, 5 Breasclete

It is with deep regret we record the death of seaman Kenneth Macaulay, RNR, 5 Breasclet, at Granton Hospital on 3 November, of pneumonia following influenza. A shipmate writes:
"A happier lad than Kenneth Macaulay was hard to find. Of him it could in truth be said "British to the Backbone". Just ask his shipmates. These last two years we have served together in one of the Q-boats. During that time, we had experiences calculated to bring a man out in the open and Kenneth was splendid! It is a sad blow to the parents to lose such a son and it is a sad blow for us to lose such a chum. I sat by his bedside during his last ten minutes of life and I can hardly believe yet he's gone. All his shipmates extend their sincere sympathy to his bereaved parents".

6 December 1918

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