Kenneth Macleod, 22 Melbost

It is with deep sorrow and regret that we have to record the sad news of the death of Mr Kenneth Macleod, 22 Melbost, who lost his life when his ship, the Braeglen, was sunk in collision on 2 August 1918. He was a gunner on board the Braeglen, trading between Ireland and Liverpool. So sudden and unexpected was the collision that eight of the crew lost their lives. Mr Macleod was a native of Back, and 14 years ago he came to reside at Swordale, when he married Miss Catherine mackenzie, a daughter of the late Mr Donald Mackenzie (Domhnull Iain), Free Presbyterian Church elder, Five years ago, he went with his family to reside at 22 Melbost. His kindly disposition and upright character endeared to all who came in contact with him, and much sincere sympathy goes out to his bereaved widow and her little boy. His younger brother was killed in action in France in 1916, and his father, who was then 80 years of age, died a month after receiving the sad news of his son's death. The remains were recovered, brought home and buried in the Eye Cemetery. The following letter was received by Mrs Macleod from the owners of the Braeglen:
"I am in receipt of your telegram to hand this morning and regret having to wire you in reply that the Braeglen was sunk in collision last Friday, and that Mr Kenneth Macleod was not saved. I wish to express to you my deepest sympathy in your very sad loss. The news must have been a terrible shock to you. The loss of the steamer is as nothing compared with the loss of life, there being eight men drowned in all.

27 September 1918

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