Kenneth Macleod, 4 Aird (Point)

Mrs Macleod, Aird, has been officially informed that her husband, Kenneth Macleod (Finlay), RNR, one of the gunners on SS Aros, was lost in early October. The ship caught fire and owing to the high seas and the fury of the flames, the patrol ships were unable to render assistance. There were no survivors. The deceased seaman, who was 33 years of age, was an exceptionally fine young man,m of high character and superior intelligence, consequently his services, whether on the great ocean-going craft or on the homely fishing boat, were highly appreciated by his employers. He mobilised at the outbreak of war, and had been for three years on foreign service. Much sympathy is felt for his widow and infant son. This poor widow has been sorely stricken, having lost a brother by enemy action, a sister-in-law and now her husband, all within the past two months.

25 October 1918

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