Three Knock Lads Lost at Sea

Gnr Macdonald, RNR, 20 Knock; Gnr Norman Martin RNR, 28 Knock and Gnr Malcolm Macleod, RNR, 5 Knock have been lost. The sad news has cast quite a gloom over the whole district, and sincerest sympathy goes out to the bereaved families and friends. The loss of these three young lads within a fortnight of each other is a great blow to the district. They were kindly, manly fellows of sterling qualities , and of more than ordinary intelligence and ability, and most dutiful towards their parents and families.

Macdonald had gone to Canada prior to 1914, and being a Royal Naval Reserve man, whenever the call of duty for the defence of King and Country came, he threw up a good situation and at his own expense came across and rejoined.

We, in common with the rest of our island, are deprived of the best of our young and brave manhood, but let us contemplate what we owe to our gallant defenders, and to those who make the supreme sacrifice on our behalf [remainder of article illegible]

5 April 1918

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