Alexander Beaton, Vatisker

Alexander Beaton, Canadian Contingent, [...] was killed in France on 6th May 1917. Pte Beaton was a son of Widow Norman Beaton, Vatisker, and he was the mainstay of the family. Mrs Beaton received the following letter from Capt. Chaplain R. W. Ridgeway, Canadian Contingent:
"The sad news of your son's death will have reached you by the time you get this letter. He was killed in action on May 6th. I had just come out of the line a few hours, so Capt Kilpatrick took the funeral. Your son is buried with some of his companions on a quiet spot on the slope of Vimy Ridge. This spot is to be made into a proper cemetery and fenced. A proper cross will be erected over his grave. God comfort you and strengthen you to hear this great trial. May we all be so inspired by these sacrifices that we may be true Christians and better soldiers. It is hard to see our boys go, but do let us remember that the lad who had given his life for God's cause - the cause of right and freedom - has done the grandest deed a man can perform in the world. Your lad is not dead; there is no death for those who follow Christ and give their best as he gave. Your son serves today in higher ways a greater King, in that new sphere of life to which he has gone. Our hearts are lonely, but we are glad and proud for their sakes, because they have done the grand thing and chosen the harder way - the way of Christ and the Cross.

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