John Macdonald, 57 South Bragar

Mr Donald Macdonald, 57 South Bragar, last week received official notification that his son Joh, who was in the RNR (T-section) was accidentally drowned by falling overboard. John was a bright, cheery lad, and had always a pleasant smile to greet his friends. He will be sadly missed. The sympathy of the community goes out to the sorrowing father, who recently became a widower, and who has lost several other members of his family during the last few years.

In respect of John Macdonald, RNRT, who was drowned 5 May 1917, following letter from his officer has been received by the deceased's father.
"I regret very much having to write this letter about the loss of your son. It was 5 am, we were proceeding towards our patrol; it was blowing a gale and bitterly cold. He was leaving the bridge when the ship took a violent roll and he apparently lost hold of the handrail and fell over the side. Two of the crew who were standing by him threw lifebelts after him which he was unable to reach. He was in sight about 3 minutes. We did all possible to save him. He was wearing a heavy coat and seaboots at the time. We all miss him very much. He was a smart young sailor and had the making of a fine man".

Young Macdonald was indeed a smart young fellow - he was only 18 years of age, bright, smart and cheerful, a dutiful son.

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