John Stewart, 50 Vatisker

We record with deep regret the death of John Stewart (Kenneth) RNR of 50 Vatisker at the early age of 26. He was 5 years in the Royal Naval Reserve and mobilised at the outbreak of war. He served as an Able Seaman on HMS Armadale Castle and the work told on his constitution, never too robust and he contracted a cold which developed into consumption. He was discharged in August 1915, and recevied a pension of 12s 6d per week, increase to 25s per week six months ago. It was hoped the rest would improve his health, but he gradually sank and passed peacefully away a week ago. His two brothers, Kenneth and Neil, are at present in the Reserve. Much sympathy is felt for his sorrowing parents.

Stornoway Gazette,  26 January 1917

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