Kenneth Ferguson, 6 Crulivig

Crulivig Lad Dies of Wounds
Deep sympathy is felt for Mrs Ferguson, 6 Crulivig, whose son, Kenneth, has died of wounds received in action. The late soldier was for eight years shop assistant in the employment of Mr Norman Mackenzie, Bayble Stores, and during that time so endeared himself to the people of Bayble and Garrabost that he is mourned there as if he had been born and bred in the district. Of a most kindly disposition, he was liked by everyone who knew him. He was never known to speak a cross word to young or old, and deported himself towards all with the utmost respect and self-respect - he was truly one of Nature's gentlemen. He was called up last March, and after four months' training was sent to the front, where he was wounded on 8th December, and died in hospital three days later, after having had his leg amputated.

Stornoway Gazette, January 1917

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