Murdo Mackay, 13 Aignish

Aignish RN Reservist's Death
Quite a gloom was cast over this district when it became known that Murdo Mackay, seaman, RNR, son of Mr John Mackay, 13 Aignish, had died of pneumonia in the Naval Hospital, Plymouth. He was a promising young man and the mainstay of his father's family. He was one of the few Naval Reservists who escaped after the fall of Antwerp and who made their way mostly on foot through Holland till they arrived at a Dutch port and got a boat to England. Somehow Murdo and two Englishmen got separated from the main body when they crossed the Dutch frontier, and after wandering for several days, and when on the point of starvation, they were befriended by a farmer. The same good Samaritan provided them with cloting of th eDutch peasant type, and after a short rest they set out to tramp it to the coast. Their adventures were varied till at last they boarded a train which brought them to a coast town. There they were taken charge of by friends, who saw them on board a boat en route for England. Murdo and his English friends stuck together, and in case of accidents, they exchanged their home addresses so as to communicate with their friends. Murdo was 26 years of age, of a quiet and unassuming disposition, a trustworthy and a reliable friend, held in high esteem by all who knew him. Our sincerest sympathy goes out to his parents, brothers, and sister in their sore bereavement. His remains arrived by the mail boat on Tuesday night, and the funeral took place on Wednesday to the New Cemetery at Aignish.

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