Norman Macdonald, 5 Breaclete, Great Bernera

Seaman Norman Macdonald [whose] loss in the sinking of the Laurentic is deeply deplored. Norman joined the RNR at the age of 19 and has served for 13 years, being at the time of his death 32 years of age. He was one of the most likeable young men one could wish to meet, and he was a general favourite wherever he went. During the summer he generally went to the East Coast herring fishing, but during the rest of the year he prosecuted lobster fishing from here. When bad weather prevented the boats going out, his company was much sought after, and his cheery presence will be much missed. His father is an old RNR man, having served in the first-class reserve for the long period of 27 years, while two brothers are in the Seaforths.

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