Norman Mackinnon, Halfway House, Balallan

Killed in action
Deep sympathy goes out to Mr Kenneth Mackinnon, Halfway House, and his family in their sore bereavement, official intimation, having been received that his son, Norman, Argyle and Sutherland Highlanders, has been killed in France. Pte Mackinnon in pre-war days was on the staff of Bayble Public School, and was one of the first of the employees of the Stornoway School Board to join up voluntarily. He was about 30 years of age, and was about to be brought home for special training with a view to a commission. Mr Mackinnon, who takes a leading part in the public life of Lochs parish, has other two sons on service, one of whom was recently awarded the Military Medal. As stated, the bereaved family have the heartfelt sympathy of a wide circle of friends.

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