Roderick Murray, South Dell

Also quoted at Aird Dell

The many friends and acquaintances of Mr Norman Murray, merchant, South Dell, will learn with deep regret that his son, Pte Roderick Murray, Seaforths, fell in action in Mesopotamia on the 5th November last. Roderick was one of the first in the Ness district to attest under the Derby Scheme, and was immediately posted to the County Regiment. He was a most popular young man and held in much respect by all who knew him. Mr Murray received many letters of condolence from the officer of his battalion. The adjutant of the battalion wrote as follows:
"It is with deep regret that I write to tell you of your son's death in action on 5th November. Your son was hit on that morning during an attack on the Turks position and he was killed instantaneously. His loss is deeply felt by all who knew him, both officers and men. He was popular as a comrade, as a soldier, and like all who came to us from Stornoway he was greatly admired"
From Lance-Corpl. A Macleod, Mr Murray received the following letter:
"I regret very much that I should have towrite such a letter as this to you, but being much attached to your son Roderick, who was killedhere on the 5th November, I am bound to write. When this scrap took place, Roderick and I were for it. Now, I cannot say how your son met his death, but in the fray, I was detached from my Company all night, and on joining it next morning, I set about making enquiries for my beloved companion, but it was late in the day when Donald Morrison, Shader, told me that Roderick was killed. I could mention a few things which I noticed in his career which were examples for other soldiers. I am in possession of a Gaelic Testament he gave me, also a pipe he got in a parcel. May God, whose mercy never fails, give you strength to bear the sadness and sorrow of your bereavement."

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