Alex John Macleod, 5 Knock (Point)

We deeply regret to have to record that Mr Alexander Macleod, 5 Knock, has officially been notified by the Canadian Record Office, London, that his son, Sergt Alexander John Macleod, was killed in action in Frnace on the 6th November. He, after successfully completing the Intermediate Course in the Nicolson Institute H. G. School, went to Canada two or three years previous to the war. When the war started, he gave up a splendid appointment and voluntarily enlisted and went to France in 1915. He came through many a hot engagement during the past three years, and his death at this moment is doubly trying to his poor parents when, with the return of peace, they expected to welcome their son home. He was a young lad of great promise, and more than ordinary ability and most devoted to his parents. He was a great favourite with both young and old in the district, and the sincerest sympathy of all goes out to the bereaved parents and family.

Mr Macleod lost another son, Malcolm, who was a gunner on board the SS Mereddio, an amiable and gallant lad who, previous to the loss of the Mereddio, gave a good account of himself by sinking an enemy submarine in the Mediterranean, for which he received the £50 bonus. His third son, Alexander, was discharged from the Army last May on accounts of wounds. He went through the hardships of fighting at the beginning of the war and was several times wounded.

13 December 1918

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