Murdo Macleod, 32 Back

Quite a gloom was cast over Back recently, when a wire was received to the effect that Seaman Murdo Macleod, eldest son of Mr and Mrs Murdo Macleod, 31 Back, had died in a hospital ship at Orkney of pneumonia after a short illness. "Little Murdo" as he was affectionately called, was a great favourite with everyone who knew him. He was only 20 years of age, and joined the forces about two years ago as soon as he became of military age. Being the eldest of a young family, he was a most dutiful son. After wiring that expenses would be no bar to the sending of the remains home, the Authorities replied that there was no boat available for Stornoway. It is a pity that the remains were not sent to some Scottish port, where they could conveniently be got to Kyle. The sympathy of the community goes out to both parents and other members of the community in their sorrow.

13 December 1918

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