John Macmillan, 21 Aird Tong

Mrs Macmillan, widow of Mr Murdo Macmillan, 21 Aird Tong, has received intimation that her son, John Macmillan, Camerons, was killed in action on 20th October on the Western Frton. At the outbreak of war he although only 16 years of age, was in the Militia but on account of his age was held on home service until he attained the age of 18, when he was sent to France. He was of an exceedingly kind and gentle disposition, and a great comfort to his widowed mother, who has had many trials. Her eldest son, Donald, has been missing since the early days of the war, when he took his share with the Gordons in stemming the Hun [...]. The sympathy of the whole community goes out to Mrs Macmillan who has been so sorely tried.

22 November 1918

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