George Macdonald, 18 Laxay

A deep gloom was cast over the village when the news spread that Mr John Macdonald ahd received word of the death of his son George, who died in France on September 10th, from gas poisoning. George, who was 30 years of age, well over six feet in height and built in proportion, spent a few years on the police force in Glasgow, from whence he emigrated to Canada over six years ago. He joined the Canadians in 1914, and was in France for nearly three years. Mr Macdonald has another two sons serving, Malcolm, who came over with the 1st Canadian Contingent and is still in France, while his youngest son, Hector, travelled all the way from South America at his own expense and joined the county regiment on his arrival in England. The deep sympathy of the whole community is extneded to the aged parents, brothers and sisters in their sore bereavement.

4 October 1918

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