Murdo Maciver, 4 Geshader

Quite a gloom was cast over the whole district when the mail last Thursday morning brought intelligence to Murdo Maciver, 4 Geshader, that his son Angus had lost hid life on the 16th May through Hun barbarity, his ship being torpedoed somewhere between the Bay of Biscay and the English Channel. The steamer, which was sunk without warning, broke in two and floundered in forty seconds, it being impossible to lower any boats in such a short time. Unfortunately, eight members of the crew lost their lives, including the master, the second mate, chief and third engineer, Angus, another A.P., and two firemen. Angus was a general favourite with old and young. In his youth, he served as a monitor in Lochcroistean School with the utmost satisfaction to all concerned. He had been following a seafaring life for the past two or three years and had been torpedoed once before. The steamer he was serving on had been torpedoed in the Med off the Aegean Coast in August last year. Angus was on look-out at the time but saw the torpedo coming and escaped being thrown overboard. His crew at that time were picked up and landed by a French destroyer. The sympathy of the whole community goes out to the aged parents, brother and sisters in their bereavement

7 June 1918

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